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Magnetic Line





LEDMAG is a range of bright LED frames that features an elegant and modern design along with excellent versatility and brightness. The LED frames, thanks to their intense brightness, have a great scenic impact and capture the attention of the communications inserted inside them. The variety of application solutions, freestanding (Freestanding LEDMAG), wall (Wall LEDMAG), suction cup (Window LEDMAG), ceiling (Sky LEDMAG), makes the LEDMAG range the most complete to satisfy every need for backlit visual communication, for shops, points of sale and showrooms.

Cable Line


Duble Face

LED display for showcases with steel wire, with ceiling attachment via an aluminum bar that provides for the sliding and locking of cables, allowing easy positioning of multiple cables, while maintaining the continuity of the low voltage power supply.

Menù Board Line 

Structure on upright made of aluminum and steel, powered by a low voltage transformer. Equipped with an inclined support plate for horizontal and vertical positioning of LEDMAG frames in A4 and A3 formats. The magnets positioned on the back of the frame, in contact with the plate, allow the frame itself to be switched on.