Where are LEDMAG structures manufactured?LEDMAG dove vengono prodotte?

The structures are produced in Italy by Tecnostyl

To print the images to be inserted in the LEDMAG frames which paper should I use?re?

Any type of paper can be used, but qualitatively it is better to use the backlit paper available by clicking here.
The paper must be printed with digital printers.

How much are the shipping costs?

Shipping costs for orders up to EUR 300.00 net of goods destined for Italy (excluding Livigno, Trepalle and Campione d’Italia) amount to EUR 8.50 + VAT.
For higher orders the shipping costs for Italy are free.

How is it possible to pay?

The payment methods are by bank transfer or credit card (Paypal circuit).
In case of bank transfer, an email will be sent with the reference bank details.