Menù Board Line

Menù Board Line 

Practicality and elegance.

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Menù Board Line

Practicality and elegance

Our Products

Menù Board LEDMAG

Lectern with chromed steel structure powered by a low voltage transformer and magnetic LED backlit frames in A4 and A3 horizontal / vertical format.

Specially designed to take advantage of all the accessories of the MAGNETIC LINE.

The frame can be tilted and locked in 5 different positions, from horizontal to vertical.


Lectern with structure on pedestal made of aluminum and steel, powered by a low voltage transformer.

Equipped with an inclined support plate for horizontal and vertical positioning of LEDMAG frames in A4 and A3 formats.

The magnets positioned on the back of the frame, in contact with the plate, allowing access to the frame itself.



LED backlit frames of different sizes to offer solutions for all needs.
Made of acrylic with laser-marked diffuser that guarantees uniformity of the LED light.
Voltage: 24V
Color temperature: 6,500 ° KELVIN
Lumen: 4,000
LED life: 50,000 hours


A2 vertical and horizontal 66×48 cm

A4 vertical and horizontal 34×25 cm

A3 vertical and horizontal 35×47 cm

50×70 vertical and horizontal 57×76 cm

70×100 vertical and horizontal 76×106 cm


2A3 vertical 66×47 cm horizontal 90×35 cm

2A4 vertical 48×35 cm horizontal 65×26 cm

3A4 vertical 71×35 cm horizontal 98×26 cm

6A4 vertical 71×66 cm horizontal 65×71 cm

4A3 vertical 66×90 cm horizontal 90×66 cm

Logo Frame 

Led backlit mirrored frame equipped with magnets for customizable fixing with your own logo.

Bright shelves

Shelf for LEDMAG structure equipped with magnets for fixing and double LED lighting both upper and lower. Available in two sizes, 35×22.5 and 49×29 cm.

Backlite Paper

High quality printing sheets, specially designed for our LED backlit displays.
The sheets are made of opaque transparent polyester backlit, 140 micron thickness, printable with laser printers.
Weight 195 g / m².
Available in A3 and A4 format, in reams of 100 sheets.

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