Samsung Double Face Display – OM55N-D – 55 inch

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the OMN-D series high-brightness double-sided displays from Samsung are optimal for value for money, capable of providing all the functions necessary for the communication of their information and Marketing contents, bringing the contents back to the outside of the store and to the inside it for maximum visibility.

Product Info: 

Manufacturer: Samsung

Inches: 55 ”

Resolution: FullHD (1920x1080px)

Screen brightness 1: 3.000Nit

Screen 2 brightness: 1.000Nit

Weight: 42kg

Dimensions: 726.8x1299x65.5mm

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A single product for double communication

The OMN-D series features a double-sided screen that adapts to the environments in which it is used. The 3000 nit brightness of the display side screen helps to maintain image integrity regardless of the sunlight that hits it, while the side facing the inside of the shop guarantees very clear information thanks to the 1000 nit brightness

Suitable for any showcase

The OMN-D Series can easily be mounted on a stand or hung from the ceiling, giving sellers more options for placement. The sleek design offers a clean and flexible look, regarding the design and use of precious space.

More visibility in less space

The OMN-D Series frees up space, giving sellers more space to sell their products to potential customers by leveraging both sides with one solution. The display is easily activated with a power cable and a LAN cable, drastically reducing the cable footprint and increasing energy efficiency.

Additional information

Weight 42 kg
Dimensions 726 × 65 × 1299 cm


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